The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, the Universidad del Norte, the Federation of Associations of Mechanical Engineers, Electricians, Electronics and Related Areas of México and the College of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Nuevo León, invite engineers, professors, researchers, consultants, manufacturers and students interested in power system protection, to participate in the XVI Symposium, which will be held in hotel Crowne Plaza in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, on May 27-31, 2024.

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·     Industrial Exposition

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1.     Relaying philosophy for longitudinal power systems.

2.     Protection of power system elements.

3.     Control systems and special protection systems.

4.     Methods for calculation of settings of relaying systems.

5.     Analysis of protection operation during disturbances.

6.     Real-time monitoring for protection systems.

7.     Maintenance of relays and protection systems.

8.     Testing elements of the protection system.

9.     Protective relay design.

10.     Current and potential transducers.

11.     Digital protective relays and systems.

12.     Digital simulation of  protection system.

13.     Manpower training in protective relaying.

14.     Impact of protective relaying applications.

15.     Wide-area network protection systems

16.     Impact of power quality problems on power system protection.